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May 13, 2015

Prestigious Edison Award received by OneMBA alumnus

Erik Wellen recently received the coveted Gold Award during the Edison Awards in New York City on behalf of Parhelion.  Wellen, a graduate of the OneMBA program in 2005, is a partner and Chief Commercial Officer of Parhelion. The organization won the award based on the Laser Diffraction Grating (LDG) light bulb. The bulb is specifically designed for use in areas with limited visibility including smoke and congested areas.

Parhelion is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, near the UNC Chapel Hill campus. The company was founded by Jim and Richard Redpath in 2012 to integrate laser technologies into more general uses. Wellen connected with Parhelion while working in the Middle East. A serial entrepreneur, Wellen credits his education for his success in these ventures. “Both my law degree and OneMBA degree from Rotterdam has given me great and useful insights that I can apply on a daily basis when building new businesses or taking existing business into new geographical territories,” says Wellen.

The entire press release is available here.