Program cost

UNC’s OneMBA program tuition for the 2017-2019 will be US $120,129. You will be billed in five installments spread over the 21 months, extending across three calendar years.

The cost includes tuition, texts, socials, most meals, and overnight lodging during local residencies. This also includes lodging and organized meals for the global residencies, as well as any travel requirements during the global residencies. The cost is the same for North Carolina and out-of-state residents.


Once you are accepted in the program, $1,500 holds your place in the class. We will apply this deposit to your final payment.

Additional expenses

Computer: You must have a laptop with Microsoft Office (this software can be obtained at, a webcam, scanner and access to a printer. In addition, an iPad is highly recommended for your coursepack readings. Participants may purchase a laptop at a discount through UNC.

Transportation costs: You will be responsible for travel arrangements and expenses to the starting location and from the ending location of each residency (USA, Europe, Latin America, and Asia).  You are also responsible for obtaining any visas required to enter the global residency countries.

Financial aid

Student loans: Students loans are available for UNC’s OneMBA tuition. Contact the UNC Kenan-Flagler student loan officer for more information.

Merit Fellowships: Several students admitted to the OneMBA class will be awarded Merit Fellowships, which will be applied as partial tuition payments. You will be automatically considered; no separate application is required. Consideration will be based on applicants’ exemplary achievement in the areas of academics, leadership, work experience and extracurricular activities.

Forte Fellowship: The Forte Foundation is an organization of top business schools and corporations whose mission is to increase the number of women in business. Each year, Forte Fellows are selected based on exemplary leadership and achievement. The Forté Fellowship Program was established to provide monetary and non-monetary support for outstanding women admitted to MBA programs participating in Forté Foundation who show potential for business leadership or ownership. Scholars participate fully in the Forte Fellows programs. For more information, visit the Forté Foundation website . All applicants will be automatically considered for the fellowship. No separate application is required for consideration.

Corporate financial support: Many companies pay for all or part of tuition costs. Preparing a request for corporate support may help gain support. View our employer support guide.