The Netherlands: RSM


Program cost

RSM’s OneMBA program tuition fee for 2017-2019 will be €62,000*. You will be invoiced in three installments spread over the 21 months. This includes lodging and organized meals for the global residencies, as well as any travel requirements during the global residencies.

The program fee does NOT cover the cost of lodging during local residencies held at RSM. We have made special arrangements at a local hotel that is adjacent to our campus. Details on rates and reservations will be available once you have been accepted onto the program.

Additional expenses

Computer: Participants are strongly advised to own a laptop

Transportation costs: You will be responsible for travel arrangements and expenses to the starting location and from the ending location of each global residency (USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe).

Financial Aid

Scholarships and loans: There are many general and country-specific financial aid possibilities. Since it is impossible to list every opportunity, we suggest researching financial assistance offered from your own country.

Corporate financial support: Many companies pay for all or part of tuition costs. Preparing a request for corporate support may help gain support.

Download OneMBA corporate support request outline PDF

* the tuition fee is subject to change