Mexico: EGADE Business School

How to Apply

Minimum qualifications

Professional work experience: Seven years of work experience is required. We look for current or expected global management responsibilities.

Education background: You must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. We evaluate your ability to perform based on your academic transcripts and your PAEP or GMAT scores. These tests allow our admissions committee to predict your academic potential in the OneMBA Program.

PAEP or GMAT:  The minimum score to be considered as a candidate for graduate programs is 500 from a total of 800. The PAEP test can be taken at any Tecnológico de Monterrey campus or office.

English language skills: English is the language used for all OneMBA courses and communications. TOEFL test scores demonstrate the candidate’s proficiency in English. A minimum of 550 is required.

Business skills: You will need basic knowledge of accounting, statistics, finance, and economics. You should also be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, including financial and statistical functions. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required.

Application deadline

Apply by May 30th, 2014 for the OneMBA Program beginning September 2014. The complete OneMBA application for EGADE Business School includes:

  • Written application and academic information as described in the application.
  • PAEP (or GMAT) and TOEFL scores
  • Interview with the OneMBA Director

Application forms

The application forms include instructions for applying to EGADE Business School’s OneMBA Program. Download the application now, or contactus and we will mail you a copy.

Download the EGADE Business School OneMBA Application