Program investment

Investment for participating in FGV’s OneMBA Program beginning September 2018 is R$187.000,00

This amount can be divided in 22 monthly payments, some of which higher than others in order to cover expenses related to the Global Residencies.

Students can apply for a refundable scholarship from FGV. For more information, please contact FGV OneMBA Program Director, Adriana Cabral:

Total cost covers:

  • Classes in São Paulo: Tuition, meals and on-line class materials.
  • Global residencies: Academic program, lodging (6-7 nights each) in 5-star hotels or equivalent, meals (except for free nights as indicated in the residency schedule), ground transportation related to the residency, and international flights during the global residency (but not flights from the student’s country and back).

Additional expenses

Expenses related to additional activites, which are organized and paid for by the students themselves, include transportation to the starting location and from the ending location of each residency; transportation from airport to hotel and vice-versa; visas, when necessary; and textbooks. We strongly encourage OneMBA participants to bring to classes and residencies their own personal computer or tablet.

Financial Aid

Corporate Financial Support: We strongly recommend participants to ask their employer for financial support. Companies usually pay part or all of the tuition.

Refundable scholarship: The School’s Scholarship Fund offers financing of up to 50% of the monthly payments. The re-payments of the financing start six months after the end of the OneMBA program. The amount financed entails no interest, but is adjusted according to the variation of the IGP-M index.

Early bird tuition benefit: Accepted OneMBA applicants who confirm their participation and enroll by the first deadline (in early April 2018) will benefit from an early bird discount.

Please contact the OneMBA Administration Office for further information on scholarships and payment conditions.

Download the OneMBA corporate support request outline PDF