Global residencies: OneMBA participants from around the world come together for four weeklong global residencies held on four continents. They participate in classes taught by local professors, visit regional and multinational companies, and meet local business and government leaders.

Global core courses: Between residencies, OneMBA participants attend global core courses at their home school. Each course includes a major project that requires working remotely with global team members from the other partner schools.

Regional courses: Each partner school supplements the curriculum with additional regional courses that are proven to accelerate career success in its world region.

Career Management Program: Most of the times, careers are designed by a succession of events and transitions that were not necessarily planned or expected by professionals. However, it is important that they take the lead in their career development, by understanding their profile, identifying a goal and carefully planning the stages and movements that will take them to their objective. The OneMBA career management program aims to increase participants’ self-awareness, specifically focusing on what they want to achieve in their professional life and helping them put together a realistic and clear plan for the future. To do so, FGV offers group sessions and individual coaching hours for students throughout the second and third modules.

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