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Jan 20, 2016

MBA blog: No pain no gain

The last 3.5 days residency for the OneMBA17 in calendar year 2015 was scheduled for mid December. Besides the various classes we would be having on Personal Leadership Development, Operations Management and Leading & Managing Global Operations (LAMGO), RSM had also scheduled a so-called “Partner day” for our partners on the last afternoon of the residency.

Just after the October residency, an invite had been sent to all partners of the OneMBA17 class with a request to join the OneMBA17 class on the last afternoon of the December residency. Not surprisingly, given everyone’s busy schedules, it took a while for people to pass on the invitation to their partners, and then some more time to have partners confirm! Taking into account that some partners are living abroad, the approximate 50% of the partners that ultimately joined the session, can be considered quite a good attendance rate!

After a warm welcome…Read the full blog here

Madeleen Mulder, OneMBA’17