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Is OneMBA the best global executive MBA program for you? Request our brochure and find out. We will keep you up-to-date on upcoming information sessions and application deadlines for your area. You will see why OneMBA is the truly global executive MBA.

Why OneMBA?

OneMBA is the only global executive MBA designed by an equal partnership of five of the world’s premier business schools.  Over 21 months, you will experience business in seven countries on four continents.


Highly Respected MBA

OneMBA students have the unique benefit of learning from the faculty and students from all four partner schools. Students earn an MBA from their home university, plus the OneMBA certificate issued by the five partner schools. The schools are fully accredited by AACSB International and other highly respected accrediting agencies.


Global Curriculum

The OneMBA curriculum integrates perspectives and best business practices from many cultures and professional environments, including developed and emerging economies. Globally coordinated core classes enlighten executives on the similarities and differences in global business practices. Global residencies are held in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Local faculty and students host the residencies, providing an insider’s view of the local business environment. English is the language used for all OneMBA courses and communications.


Global Teams and Professional Network

Global teams are made up of OneMBA participants living and working on as many as five continents. Team projects develop leadership and teaming skills vital to global managers, such as managing cultural differences, integrating numerous functional perspectives, and working across multiple time zones. By working with OneMBA students from around the world, participants build connections with global managers that will last throughout their career.


Immediate Application on the Job

Students immediately apply new global skills, knowledge and perspectives. OneMBA peers and the faculty are valuable resources for solving their company’s current global business challenges.


Convenient Schedule

Students attend classes every four to six weeks at their home university. In addition, they will join OneMBA students from all the schools for four global residencies spread over the 21-month program. Each residency lasts seven or eight days.

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