Global Residency North America – Opening Week

Below are the highlights from a recent USA global residency. We update residencies each year, so specific locations, speakers and activities may change.

Washington D.C.


OneMBA participants from around the globe arrive in Washington DC.  During the opening reception and dinner, they get to know each other and meet OneMBA staff and professors.


Participants have breakfast with their global team. The morning includes three different classes designed to allow the students to quickly immerse themselves in the global academic environment. In the afternoon, Neusa Hirota, a Senior Learning Officer at The World Bank, discusses insights from one of the world’s most global organizations.


Lectures and discussions focus on business strategies for the base of the economic pyramid.  Participants learn techniques for working together in far-flung teams before beginning work on their first project.


Morning discussions focus on understanding the U.S. economy.  After lunch, global teams compete in a team-building exercise as they explore Washington D.C. together.


After breakfast, participants explore the trend of people and jobs on the move and its impact on global business. In the afternoon, they visit the U.S. Capitol where the Senate and House of Representatives debate national policy and craft the country’s laws. They also discuss U.S. and global business policy and diplomacy with Timothy Roemer, a former U.S. Ambassador to India and U.S. legislator.


After lunch, participants meet the EVP and head of Human Resources for HCBC Bank USA.

That evening, the USA closing dinner celebration concludes with birthday songs sung by participants in their native languages.


Participants wrap up their classes for the week and return home after lunch.