Global Residency Europe

Below are the highlights from a recent Global Residency in Europe. We update residencies each year, so specific locations, speakers and activities may change.

Amsterdam and Istanbul


OneMBA participants from around the globe arrived in Amsterdam. They enjoyed a boat tour of the canals before the welcome dinner. The welcome dinner provides an opportunity for the global teams to reconnect. 


The residency classwork began with lectures on Europe’s economics, politics, and energy security issues led by RSM professors. Participants enjoyed a free evening exploring Amsterdam.


After breakfast, participants discussed sustainability and energy issues in Europe with Dr. Wolf Ketter. This was followed by a presentation by a leading academic and multi-generational family business leader regarding the influence of large-scale family businesses in the European economy. In the afternoon, students participated in an Amsterdam-style team challenge.


Students learned from the former Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, about political and integration challenges and opportunities within the European continent. Afterwards, Frans van Houten, the CEO of Philips, led an interactive session with an innovation theme. Students departed for Istanbul in the evening. 


Sabanci University professors provided a useful background on the geopolitical environment of Turkey from a local research view. In the afternoon, students visited a wide range of companies in various industries to get real-life experience of the business climate in Turkey.


In the morning, academic leaders and business professionals shared key insights on the rapidly growing opportunities in the Turkish market and implications for the European continent. In the afternoon, students visited the local spice bazaar for a global team exercise, before ending the day with a closing dinner.


OneMBA students discussed cross-cultural communications and finalized the week’s lessons. Participants departed for their home countries and look forward to the next global residency.