Global Core Courses

Five global core courses taught worldwide

Following the global residencies, you return to your home university where you will participate in globally coordinated courses. All OneMBA participants attend these global courses simultaneously at their home university, using the same course syllabus and texts. Each course includes a global team project that requires you to work remotely with your OneMBA team members located around the world, simulating global work teams.

Global by design

The global core courses listed below were designed by key faculty members from each partner school.  By working together, they incorporated perspectives and best practices from each world region. You will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build global organizations. Plus, you will develop teamwork skills and cultural awareness required for global career success.

  • Leading and Managing Global Organizations:  You will develop leadership and managerial skills that are critical to effective global managers. You will also explore the impact of cultural differences on personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Global Operations Management:  You will learn to align operations strategy with overall business strategy, with emphasis on process analysis and supply chain management. You will learn concepts and tools needed to design, plan, drive and control service and manufacturing operations in a global economy.
  • Global Marketing Management:  You will develop the skills required to market products and services in a global marketplace. Designed with a creative and analytic approach, the courses will enhance your ability to provide solutions tailored to targeted customer groups.
  • Finance in a Global Environment: You will understand the financial frameworks that provide the foundation of global financial systems. With the rapid increase in cross-border transactions and foreign investment, the global economy is dependent on a seamless financial infrastructure.
  • Strategy in a Global Arena:  A key challenge in developing a global business strategy is aligning the organization’s resources with its long-term goals, while considering converging global forces and local issues. You’ll analyze the strategic challenges and choices facing organizations seeking to expand into emerging markets.