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Oct 8, 2015

MBA blog: OneMBA Global residency Washington – September 2015

Being a student again is easier than I expected, because reading the material and listening to the speakers energizes me. The learning environment is dynamic and reflects the global world we live in. We are developing leadership skills for the future, including entrepreneurship, understanding the changing global economic situation, demographics and innovation.   Read the …

May 13, 2015

Prestigious Edison Award received by OneMBA alumnus

Erik Wellen recently received the coveted Gold Award during the Edison Awards in New York City on behalf of Parhelion.  Wellen, a graduate of the OneMBA program in 2005, is a partner and Chief Commercial Officer of Parhelion. The organization won the award based on the Laser Diffraction Grating (LDG) light bulb. The bulb is …

May 10, 2015

OneMBA students on Asia Residency!

The OneMBA class of 2015 students are currently on their final residency, Asia. For the first time, the OneMBA students will study at our newest partner school member, Xiamen University. True to the OneMBA program, the students will learn from highly acclaimed professors from the local region. Some of the Xiamen highlights include Practical Application …