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Apr 22, 2016

MBA Blog: OneMBA Global Residency Europe – 2016

Many interesting sessions were in store for us lead by renowned faculty and company speakers. Both in Rotterdam and in Warsaw there were a number of company visits to choose from. My group went to Ism eComany where Tim Beyer, the COO, gave an inspiring presentation about how the company manages to sustain their impressive …

Apr 22, 2016

MBA blog: Old Europe

We received a warm welcome by dean Steef van de Velde who was happy and proud to host the OneMBA group at the RSM campus, and Academic director Marc Smelik walked us through the program for the week. After a short history class on Rotterdam city, we greatly enjoyed Martin Sutton’s and Koen Berden’s economic …

Jan 20, 2016

MBA blog: No pain no gain

The last 3.5 days residency for the OneMBA17 in calendar year 2015 was scheduled for mid December. Besides the various classes we would be having on Personal Leadership Development, Operations Management and Leading & Managing Global Operations (LAMGO), RSM had also scheduled a so-called “Partner day” for our partners on the last afternoon of the …